Tumblr do site brasileiro para atriz Stana Katic, "Stanatics Brasil". Aqui você encontrará algumas edições feitas pela nossa equipe, além das últimas atualizações do site e reblogs sobre Stana Katic.
Tumblr for Stana Katic's brazilian fan site "Stanatics Brasil". Here you'll find some of our edits, our latest site updates and of course, reblogs about Stana Katic.

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Favorite “Castle” Moments: Stana Katic scenes

Gallery update: Photoshoot (2009)

8 HQ adds

Gallery update: Photoshoot (2009)

14 HQs added

Gallery update: Photoshoot (2009)

44 MQ & 10 HQ pics added

Stana Katic’s profile appreciation post

Stana Katic at the Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Female Dinner

13 new HQ adds to the gallery

"You’re watching Castle on Fox Serbia."

"Você está assistindo Castle na Fox da Sérvia."


Here’s the digital HQ rip I got off my ipad. 

behind-the-scene HD video included.

Stana Katic for “Good Housekeeping” magazine (Sept, 2014)

HQ digital scans


Stana Katic BTS Goodhousekeeping magazine (x)


Maguire Gardens, 5th & Flower, DTLA, 2:30 p.m.


4th & Main, 2;15 pm, DTLA

Stana Katic shooting 7x02 on location today. No spoilers.

#couldn’t hear the dialogue over all the ‘you’re so beautiful i can’t breathe’ screaming in my head (x)

Stana Katic & Luke Reichle at the Academy’s 66th Emmy Awards Costume Design and Supervision Nominee Reception (x)