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#couldn’t hear the dialogue over all the ‘you’re so beautiful i can’t breathe’ screaming in my head (x)

Stana Katic & Luke Reichle at the Academy’s 66th Emmy Awards Costume Design and Supervision Nominee Reception (x)

stana katic + quotes | inspired by: x


Kate Beckett + shushing Castle

From shutting him up to wanting to hear all the crazy theories…




Awesome! Congrats, girls! <3



Falando com a MAD TV do Chipre, Stana Katic fala sobre “Castle”, o Alternative Travel Project e seus planos para o futuro.


When dreams come true: Me and Stana Katic.



2x17 // 2x18 - Breakfast. (requested by entertainmentista, and inspired by this post [x])

Random things that I think about, but how did Castle make pancakes without eggs? Didn’t he say she  didn’t have eggs and the milk was bad? lol

Can we get those two scenes mixed together for S7 and have them cooking breakfast together in their PJs? <3

This is rest for me. When I get to do creative storytelling, that’s rest for me. That’s my passion, I’m energized from it. It’s better to me than going on some beach in the Caribbean and doing nothing. That, to me, is terrorizing. But when I go to Paris or when I go to Istanbul or Morocco or wherever on the planet, even if it’s just Baton Rouge in Louisiana and I’m telling an incredible story and I’m working opposite amazing actors, that can feed me for a year. That’s life, energy for me.

- Stana Katic, when asked if she would rest a little during the Castle hiatus (via -misskatic)

Happy Pride, all! 


Stana Katic at the FOX Summer Party #3

Stana Katic at the FOX Life Summer Party #2

Stana Katic at the FOX Life Summer Party #1

I was dedicated to ballet. I sure look better than what I would look like if I was never into some sport.” - Stana Katic (x)